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A Beach Elopement on The Isle of Skye

In many European countries it is usual to legally marry at a registry office and then have a 'part two' with a blessing, church service or party. Karsten and Lisa decided to combine their holiday in the Scottish Islands with 'part one' and tell their families once they returned. Who can blame them? Having been chosen in a recent newspaper article as one of the top ten most romantic wedding destinations, Skye offers so many gorgeous places to tie the knot.

They chose to marry on a quiet beach not far from their accommodation, and a favourite spot from a previous holiday on the island. With a beach wedding there are extra factors to consider, the most important being the tides and timing of the ceremony. You don't want to find yourself stranded as the tide comes in, or find there is no beach at all! Rocky beaches can be slippery but offer form ground, sandy beaches can be a bit damp. Fortunately Skye has all kinds of beaches! There are black sands which make for wonderful reflections and coral beaches which are brilliant white. Stoney beaches are plentiful with large stones and big rocky plinths rising up adding structure. The best thing about beaches on Skye is that they are all quiet compared to many similar ones in the rest of the UK. Few people think beach holiday when they consider Scotland.

The beaches on Skye are as good as any in the world. The sea may not be as warm, but that is why they are so quiet. For a wedding, a beach here is perfect with fabulous views of the mainland or out into the Atlantic Ocean. Time it right and you can add in amazing sunrises or sunsets.

Having had the beach to themselves, Karsten and Lisa then went on to have a picnic with cake and champagne ad then we walked along the shore line to take in a deserted fishing boat and traditional croft houses. Before I left them alone they posted cards to their families, inviting them to lunch, and where they were going to break the news. 'Part one' taken care of, just 'part two' and the party to plan!

If you are planning to elope to Skye think beyond the iconic Fairy Polls, Fairy Glen, Quiraing and consider a beautiful beach where you are the only people there...






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