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Brian called me from Rhode Island. He was going to be on Skye for one day with his girlfriend, Rachel, and he wanted to make it a day to remember... he wanted to propose. Rachel had no idea this was coming. He had a family ring to present, dinner booked at The Three Chimneys, and that was as far as his plan went. He and Rachel love the sea and mountains and were staying in Dunvegan for the night. I suggested Dun Beag as it has a bit of both and tons of history to boot. It's a old iron age dwelling going back to before Christ and home to farming communities that settled on the island.  The plan was that I would be there photographing some sheep in the landscape and therefore be ready. I went a week or so in advance to check out the perfect spot and emailed all the details to Brian. I waited, and did actually photograph some sheep. It was an odd moment when Rachel stopped to ask me what I was photographing, so we chatted for a bit and then I pretended to carry on chasing sheep (that had all but disappeared by now!). Brian found his spot, dropped to one knee. I held my breath, Rachel screamed, gave him a  HUGE hug and then turned to me and shouted "SHEEP MY A****!"

I think I was forgiven when she wrote this review on my Face book page:

"Penny was the second best thing about our engagement day! She and my boyfriend (now fiance) schemed from across the world (America to UK) to create a perfect surprise engagement - she even scoped out the place beforehand sending my fiance a detailed e-mail so he would know exactly where to go. She even had champagne and glasses ready for after the proposal. She captured every moment beautifully! Thank you Penny for allowing us to share the engagement with our friends and family back home."

Congratulations Brian and Rachel, I hope I get to see some pictures of the wedding day!



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