What to Expect...

What to Expect on a Shoot

How the shoot goes can depend very much on how everyone is feeling on the day! I work quickly to ensure that children do not get bored and pets are not stressed.

Wear plain coloured clothes or those with small discrete patterns to ensure that the photos are about you and not what you are wearing. In groups try to ensure colours compliment each other wherever possible. I am always happy to offer further advice. A hairbrush or comb is always a good idea.

I try not to make you look too formal and posed but I may need to arrange groups of people to ensure everyone is in the shot and looking their best. For portraits I may ask you to move slightly to get the best light of to ensure that we achieve flattering positions.

This is your shoot, so please share ideas with me and examples of pictures that you have seen and liked. I will not copy them exactly but will do all I can to take into consideration your tastes and preferred styles.

There will come a point where children have had enough. Please do not be concerned about this… it happens all the time. Rewards and sweets are always a good idea, although please avoid giving them out during the shoot as no-one looks their best whilst eating or with food on their chin. Wet wipes and tissues make shoots with little kids much easier. Treats are essential for dogs!

Very few people enjoy having their pictures taken but I will do my best to ensure that everyone is as relaxed as possible. That is my job and I am pretty good at getting the best from everyone, however if you have any areas of concern do let me know.